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CAAR to Host KDWB at MN Hmong New Year on Saturday, 11/26





November 22, 2011 (St. Paul, Minn.) – Community Action Against Racism (CAAR) is pleased to host KDWB at the MN Hmong New Year 2012 in St. Paul on Saturday, Nov. 26.


The 31st annual Minnesota Hmong New Year is one of the largest new year gatherings of Hmong from around the world and holds cultural and historical significance among Hmong people. More than 40,000 people are expected to visit the RiverCentre the weekend of Nov. 25, 26 and 27.


KDWB morning show cast members Dave Ryan, Steve-O and Crisco are expected to attend. Also in the party from KDWB will be Lucas from the afternoon show, as well as three staff members from sales and web development at Clear Channel, which owns KDWB.


The KDWB contingent will be greeted by members of CAAR and other Hmong leaders. They will then participate in a four hour educational tour of the Hmong new year festivities, including a visit of the sales and goods market, ball tossing area, and organizational booths. They will go backstage to meet performers and pageant contestants and enjoy a lunch of Hmong cuisine.


“It is our hope that this experience serves as the beginning of KDWB’s continued efforts to reach out to and learn about Minnesota’s diverse communities in an authentic way,” said CAAR communications chair Boa Lee.


“KDWB, as a media entity, has a lot of influence and power. Because they are granted the privilege of using our public airwaves, they also have a responsibility to promote public interests and we hope they set an example of high integrity and openness for other radio stations,” Lee said.


CAAR partnered with the Hmong 18 Council earlier this year to work with KDWB to address a song that aired on the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show, which CAAR and Hmong 18 Council said was offensive to many in the Hmong community. Upon learning of KDWB’s interest in attending the new year celebration, CAAR earlier this month extended an invitation to the radio station to attend as its guests.


For more information about CAAR, go online to www.communityactionagainstracism.wordpress.com.



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