Supporting Organizations

When our allies support our work, it gives us greater strength and confidence to pursue our mission. During our KDWB campaign in 2011, our supporting organizations shared our values of fairness and racial justice and committed to helping support CAAR’s mission. Organizations that participated sent one or several of their representatives and members to our coalition table to help us organize, strategize and find solutions that bring about a more racially just world. Organizations also provided us with meeting space, use of telephones or other office equipment, or making a monetary contribution to the cause. Most important, these partners helped us to activate and empower a much larger grassroots membership to work towards eliminating racism on the airwaves.

Some organizations that supported our intentional work to elevate community voice and collective decision making around the KDWB incident included the following:

  • TakeAction Minnesota
  • Stonewall DFL
  • Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative (FREC)
  • St. Paul Federation of Teachers
  • League of Women Voters Minnesota
  • Jewish Community Action
  • Bridges Network
  • Headwaters Foundation for Justice
  • Land Stewardship Project
  • Hmong 18 Council
  • Neighborhoods Organizing for Change
  • Native American Community Development Institute

CAAR Background Info for Coalition Members

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