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Join CAAR at September 9, 2013 Conversation Around Miss Saigon

Below are the details for the September 9 Conversation hosted by Mu Performing Arts and the Don’t Buy ‘Miss Saigon” Coalition.
“Conversation Around Miss Saigon”
September 9, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.
Open to the public – Free Admission
RSVP Required: Email randy@muperformingarts.org
Location: UBS Forum at Minnesota Public Radio Headquarters (5th Floor) – 480 Cedar Street in Saint Paul, MN
Confirmed participants include leading Asian American artists David Mura, Sun Mee Chomet, Ed Bok Lee, and Bao Phi.
It’s important for community to come out to this event. The President & CEO of The Ordway, Patricia Mitchell, is expected to attend. She and others at The Ordway claim that just a few local people may be upset, but all of us showing up on Monday will make a statement. CAAR representatives will be there and so we encourage you to join us!
The storyline is about an American G.I. and a Vietnamese girl at the end of the Vietnam war. Its big opening number takes place in a club called Dreamland, where American G.I.s come for the girls, which they call “slits.” One G.I. buys a girl for his buddy. Her name is Kim, an orphan of the war. Kim and the G.I plan to marry, but he’s evacuated, leaving her behind, pregnant. Three years later, desperate to help her child find a better life, she commits suicide so her boy can join his American father – and his father’s new American wife.
Those in the Asian American community, along with allies, find the production offensive because it perpetuates negative stereotypes, glosses over the realities of human trafficking and romanticizes the Vietnam War. In a state that has a large Southeast Asian community and Asian adoptee community, the messages the play brings up are problematic for many of us. We understand that some of you may not agree, but this is what the Coalition is standing behind. CAAR’s core work is around anti-racism, which is why we’re supporting the Coaltion’s actions. Other Asian American national groups like OCA also plan to write a letter of support to our local efforts. There are also many Vietnam veterans who’ve expressed outrage over the play.One of the most important things to note is that this will be the third time The Ordway has brought the production of ‘Miss Saigon’ to the Twin Cities. In 1994 and in 1999 there were demonstrations and protests when it was here, though the Ordway is insisting that there hasn’t been resistance to the production before. This is quite false as the Coaltion is made up of a number of people who were there and were part of the community response. What this tells us is that The Ordway doesn’t care that community members are upset. The bottom line is that The Ordway is still profiting from overarching lies about our community. You can contact dontbuymisssaigon@gmail.com if you have questions or need any additional information.Additional Resources:

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