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CAAR Signs on to Letter by the Don’t Buy ‘Miss Saigon’ Coalition

At our most recent CAAR General Membership Hangout on August 20, members discussed the request by the “Don’t Buy ‘Miss Saigon’ Coalition” to have CAAR support the work of the Coalition. We had a rich discussion on the issues community members have with the play and ultimately came to consensus to have CAAR back this work and provide organizational support to a letter written by the Coaltion to The Ordway’s funders to participate in the September 9 event. A copy of the draft letter CAAR has added its name to is as follows.

“September 3, 2013

Dear [Funder]

We are deeply concerned by the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts’ decision to produce the musical Miss Saigon during its 2013-2014 season. This show glamorizes human trafficking. In a state with a large Southeast Asian population, in a state with an ongoing child prostitution issue, in a state with tens of thousands of international adoptees – Miss Saigon is poorly placed. We hope that you believe, as we do, that celebrating human trafficking is wrong. We don’t believe that Miss Saigon enriches lives by building multi-cultural learning and, in fact, does just the opposite.   

We strongly encourage you to attend a community discussion hosted by Mu Performing Arts on Monday, September 9th at 6:30 pm at MPR’s UBS Forum in downtown St. Paul.  A link to the invitation is here. You deserve to have a seat at the table when local community members and Ordway representatives discuss Miss Saigon and its effects. The Ordway has relied on your financial support to bring back a celebration of human trafficking that dehumanizes people of Asian descent. This is not the first time the Ordway has produced Miss Saigon; community leaders have already articulated the musical’s harmful consequences. As a leading patron of the arts, we believe you are an important stakeholder to building a truly meaningful and lasting solution.

We hope to see you on the 9th – please RSVP to randy@muperformingarts.org to reserve a space for your representatives. 


Don’t Buy Miss Saigon Coalition

Coalition Endorsers:”

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