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CAAR Pays a Visit to WCCO

It’s been 15 days since CAAR and five other organizations sent CBS and WCCO a letter. They have chosen to ignore the community’s concerns.

So we’re paying them a visit and teaching you all how to view public inspection records!

Join us on Tuesday, Dec. 20, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at WCCO’s studio, 90 S. 11th Street (downtown Minneapolis), Minneapolis, MN 55403.

Here’s more info on public inspection files:

As a broadcast license holder, TV and radio stations are required to make available public inspection files. These files can be viewed by any member of the public without an appointment during the station’s normal business hours. The files contain information relevant to the station’s operation and dealings with the community and FCC.

Since the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), which provides licenses to broadcasters, cannot routinely monitor each station’s programming and operations, viewers and listeners are an important source of information about the nature of a license holder’s programming, operations and compliance with their FCC obligations.

The file commonly includes:

  • the license
  • applications to the FCC and related materials
  • citizen agreements
  • contour maps
  • material relating to an FCC investigation or complaint
  • ownership reports and related material
  • political file
  • EEO materials
  • letters and emails from the public – commercial stations need to keep these for three years
  • quarterly programming reports


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