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CAAR Volunteer Posts Reflection on KDWB Tour

HNY President Cha Yia Lee speaks to KDWB on Nov. 26 at the RiverCentre

On Nov. 26, twenty-five volunteers with CAAR led seven representatives from KDWB on a tour of the MN Hmong New Year 2012 celebration at the St. Paul RiverCentre. From KDWB were:

1. Lucas Phelan (does weekday afternoons on KDWB)
2. Dave Ryan (on-air weekday mornings KDWB)
3. Steve “Steve-O” LaTart (morning show producer KDWB)
4. Adam Zalusky “Crisco” (morning show talent KDWB)
5. Ben Taylor (local sales manager, Clear Channel)
6. Todd Kalman (general sales manager, Clear Channel)
7. Derek Spartz (digital program director, KDWB)
The KDWB group visited the SGU Veterans booth, where they heard firsthand from Secret War veterans about Hmong history and the veterans’ thoughts on the March 22 song. CAAR volunteers then took the crew to the market area, where they visited with hip hop group Hill Tribe, Lu Xiong of Txojtxaij Nragnruam Pictures, May’s American-Oriental Market, Hope in Christ Church and other vendors.
A lunch of chicken or sausage, sticky rice, pepper dipping sauce and juice was prepared by Wung Lee Supermarket.
The tour also included watching and participating in ball tossing (pov pob) and watching the pageant contest and talent show.
CAAR ended the afternoon backstage, where KDWB met with dancers and pageant contestants, as well as heard from Cha Yia Lee, the MN Hmong New Year president. Then each person did an evaluation of the day, with KDWB expressing appreciation for CAAR for the invitation and educational experience. CAAR members encouraged KDWB to continue  reaching out to Minnesota’s diverse communities as one way to build authentic relationships with those communities and undo racism.
Joua Lee, a volunteer with CAAR on the tour of the MN Hmong New Year 2012 with KDWB, posted a thoughtful blog entry about the experience. Go here to read it.

For more photos, go to our Facebook page.

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