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CAAR and Hmong 18 Issue Joint Press Release on KDWB Meeting Last Week

Following concerns over a song segment aired by the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show, KDWB attended a private meeting on May 16 with Hmong and non-Hmong community leaders and members to develop ways all sides could move forward to begin resolving the issue. Hmong 18 Council and Community Action Against Racism (CAAR) today announced they will continue to participate in and monitor progress resulting from last week’s meeting with KDWB.

Last week’s meeting was facilitated by the Hmong 18 Council and CAAR. It was held in the Hmong 18 Council’s St. Paul office. The meeting was the first time KDWB met in person with representatives from Hmong 18 Council and CAAR.

The goal of the meeting was to move forward in a positive and collaborative manner.  Attendees of the meeting listened to the March 22 song segment and KDWB’s April 14 apology; discussed the song’s impact on certain members of the Hmong community, especially Hmong women and children; and discussed ways that KDWB could work with the community to increase the station’s and public’s awareness of issues impacting local communities. Hmong 18 Council and CAAR suggested several ways they and KDWB might heal together.

Also at the May 16 meeting, Hmong 18 and CAAR representatives requested that a joint press release with KDWB be issued to serve as one indicator of the parties’ collaboration. Hmong 18 Council and CAAR demonstrated a positive and conciliatory attitude in their interactions with KDWB. Unfortunately, the parties were unable to agree as to the substance of the joint release in time for the partnership to inform the community, according to the timeline set.

Hmong 18 Council and CAAR welcome a future opportunity to issue a joint public statement with KDWB leaders about the details of the radio station’s plans to address concerns raised at the May 16 meeting.

Hmong 18 and CAAR remain deeply committed to a successful and long lasting relationship with KDWB.

Click here for a printable version of the press release.

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