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Hmong 18 Council, Community Action Against Racism and KDWB will meet in private on May 16

CAAR and Hmong 18 Council issue public statement on private meeting scheduled with KDWB

Public Statement issued from Hmong 18 Council and CAAR   

May 12, 2011 (St. Paul, Minn.) – Community Action Against Racism (CAAR) and the Hmong 18 Council, Inc. formed a partnership to work on resolving the issue of a so-called parody song targeting Hmong families, women and teens, which aired on KDWB on March 22. All parties have agreed to participate in a closed-door (private) meeting from 2 to 5 p.m. on Monday, May 16 at the office of the Hmong 18 Council in St. Paul. This is the first time KDWB will be meeting directly with Hmong leaders authorized to work on the issue and members of CAAR, and the first time the station will meet in the community.

The May 16 private meeting will include representatives from CAAR, Hmong 18 Council and KDWB/Clear Channel Communications. It will not be open to media or members of the general public.

No further information will be released at this time about the meeting.

As a result of confirming this private meeting, a CAAR community gathering on the issue originally planned for the evening of Friday, May 13 has been postponed until further notice.

CAAR and Hmong 18 Council, Inc. today releases the following  joint statement:

“The face of Minnesota – and our nation – is changing. CAAR and the Hmong 18 Council recognize that some songs and commentary in media, like the one that KDWB aired on March 22, can have potentially adverse effects on our society. It is incumbent upon all of us as community members to directly challenge and address instances of stereotyping and racism on the public airwaves so that, together, we promote a culture of tolerance, equality and harmony that provides for a strong future for us and our children.

On Monday, May 16, CAAR and the Hmong 18 Council will meet privately with officials from KDWB and Clear Channel Communications to discuss the impact of the March 22 song. We want to work towards resolving those impacts and begin a healing process. In recent weeks, our two organizations have been working hard to ensure the voices of the Hmong people and other diverse communities are heard and that KDWB is held accountable for its actions. We look forward to bringing these voices to the table before radio station leaders.

We ask that members of the media and our community respect this process by allowing CAAR, Hmong 18 Council and KDWB/Clear Channel to meet in peace and privacy on Monday, and we thank our family, friends and community members for their continued support.


Community Action Against Racism was originally founded in 1998 after 92KQRS aired racist comments about the Hmong community following a report about a 13-year-old Wisconsin Hmong girl accused of killing and hiding the corpse of her newborn baby. CAAR was recreated in April 2011 after 101.3KDWB aired a song perpetuating negative stereotypes about the Hmong community. CAAR is a multiracial and independent grassroots group ran by Hmong and non- Hmong community volunteers. For more information on CAAR, go online to


The mission of the Hmong 18 Council is threefold: (1) To assist Hmong Minnesotans in their struggle to adjust, integrate, connect, and acknowledge the American legal services, schools, social services, government agencies, and cultural systems; (2) To strengthen the Hmong community and its identity through education, preservation, and promotion; and (3) To build bridges and partnerships between the Hmong and large communities. The goals of the Hmong 18 Council revolve around the ideas of self-support, self-determination and community leadership development. For more information on Hmong 18 Council, go online to http://www.h18c.org.

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