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CAAR Public Statement on HND Press Release

CAAR releases public statement about KDWB meetings last week

 In response to information from a press release issued by Hmong National Development on May 8, 2011, Community Action Against Racism (CAAR) issues the following statement:


May 9, 2011 — We thank Hmong National Development for its support for local Hmong organizations and communities to follow up directly with KDWB and Clear Channel Communications regarding a song aired March 22 that perpetuates negative stereotypes of the Hmong community.

The face of Minnesota – and of our nation – is changing. Community Action Against Racism (CAAR) believes that some songs and commentary in media, like the song “30 Hmongs in a House” that aired on KDWB last month, have the potential to affirm the racist ideologies, attitudes and behavior that produce harmful effects on our society. Hate and racism hurts all of us and goes against the values of many Minnesotans.

This is why CAAR is working with a broad base of individual community members and organizations, representing a diverse group of people. We believe that when people work together – across differences like ethnicity/race, gender or class – to promote tolerance, equality and harmony, all of us benefit.

CAAR is proud to be working in close partnership with Hmong 18 Council, Inc. – the appointed lead agency from the Hmong community, mentioned in HND’s press release on May 8. We will ensure community input is acknowledged during the process towards resolution and healing.

Earlier today, CAAR sent a second request for KDWB and Clear Channel Communications to meet with CAAR and Hmong 18 Council at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 13 at the Hmong 18 Council office located at 775 N. Milton Street, #4 in Saint Paul. Given the low attendance at last week’s meeting at Clear Channel offices, CAAR believes that the opportunity later this week to have a productive dialogue between radio station leaders and community members should not be missed. We welcome an opportunity to celebrate with KDWB and Clear Channel, the many positive contributions our diverse communities bring to Minnesota.

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