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How you can reach KDWB

We have gotten many emails and phone calls from regular community members, asking us how they can contact Rob Morris. We are very proud of our friends, family and community allies who share in our value of diversity — and who want to ensure community input is not lost during this dialogue.

You may send your own email to Rob Morris, or call him directly too. One thing the radio station said was they are interested in speaking to community members; yet, at the same time, they are intentionally excluding a large section of the community by not answering our request to meet on May 13. Tell him that you are a community member and that you would like to take him up on Clear Channel’s offer to talk to you. Tell him he can hear directly from community members like you at the CAAR and Hmong 18 Council joint meeting at 7 p.m. on May 13.

To reach Rob Morris, send your email to:


To reach him via phone, call him directly at:

(952) 417-3268.

Send a letter to KDWB and Clear Channel Communications:

KDWB and Clear Channel Communications

1600 Utica Ave. S., Suite 400

Minneapolis, MN 55416.

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