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Correspondence Between Radio Station and CAAR Posted

CAAR is sharing the letters regarding KDWB’s proposed May 4 meeting, and CAAR’s counterproposal to have KDWB/Clear Channel come to our community on May 13.

Please go to the About page of our website and click on the Correspondence tab to read the letters.

In addition, CAAR wants to  share the following time line and rationale behind our response:

1. We have been trying to arrange a meeting with KDWB leaders since our first letter to them on April 1.

2. On April 15, more than 200 community members showed up at KDWB to meet with station officials. During the rally against racism, a nine member delegation was invited by Clear Channel staff members to wait for station leaders but before they could even sit down in the waiting area, the delegation was immediately escorted out by property management, security and the police. Michael Crusham and their attorney Amy Rotenberg were present at the building but refused to meet with community members and no one at the Clear Channel office prevented the property manager, security and police from removing the delegation from the building.

3. On Thursday, April 28, CAAR sent KDWB/Clear Channel a third letter. Later that day, Amy Rotenberg informed a TakeAction staff member via email that a May 4 meeting was being arranged but that only this particular TakeAction staff member is invited to the meeting — shutting out the community.

4. KDWB had a letter couriered to our partner, TakeAction Minnesota, on Friday, April 29. This marked the first time CAAR or TakeAction had ever been directly informed of the details pertaining to the May 4 meeting. In the letter, dated April 28 but delivered on April 29, the station gave CAAR or TakeAction Minnesota until Monday, May 2 to respond.

5. The May 4 meeting is one in which KDWB alone has determined the invitees and agenda. They are hosting the meeting at Clear Channel offices — the same place where on April 15 they had the aforementioned peaceful delegation removed from their building. Were they serious when they invited CAAR to wait for station officials April 15? Are they serious now? We don’t know. KDWB and Clear Channel also noted in their most recent letter that this would be a closed door meeting. CAAR believes transparency and accountability go hand in hand. In our conversations with our allies, our friends told CAAR that it would help KDWB to instead attend a community-hosted meeting. After all, we have already been to their office in St. Louis Park on April 15 and we were not welcomed. Our allies asked that we invite KDWB to a community hosted meeting on May 13 so that community members can witness firsthand KDWB taking responsibility.

6. CAAR hosted a community meeting on Saturday, April 30 in which we announced that CAAR and its partners would not be attending the May 4 meeting. Again, this decision came after much conversation with our partners and other groups working on the KDWB issue.

7. On May 2, CAAR wrote and sent a letter to KDWB inviting Michael Crusham and Rob Morris to the May 13 meeting.

We have not heard back from KDWB.

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